the Vancouver Island Small Business Network

Enrich your entrepreneurial experience by leveraging the power of an engaged community.

The Vancouver Island Small Business Network

Island small businesses helping island small businesses.

How will you help to shape this new community?

No doubt about it: Vancouver Island is a special, wonderful place. To live, as well as to work.

We all know that.

But this rock of 800,000 also comes with its own unique set of challenges. Especially for small business owners, entrepreneurs, independents, freelancers, the self-employed—whatever term you prefer.

Whether it’s because of the separation from the mainland and all that entails, or the weather, transportation issues, topography, the climate, demographics, red tape or a combination of the above, it’s easy to be understand that things are just different here.

Because of the Island’s uniqueness, small business owners have common advantages and common challenges that mainlanders simply can’t appreciate.

Wouldn’t it make good sense, then, to be able to connect with other independent Islanders in meaningful ways—Islanders located near you, or with the same specialty as you, or who otherwise have common interests?

Here's a perfect example of how this network can potentially benefit all members:

Campbell River businesses choose collaboration over competition

Could your business benefit from a network like this? 

Unfortunately, there has never been an easy way for Islanders to connect with each other.

Not until now. Have a look:

Want to know more about the Vancouver Island Small Business Network?

The VISBN is a brand new community for independent (i.e., no MLM or franchisees) small business owners of all stripes who call the Island their home.

It's personalized, and it looks great on mobile and on desktop.

Here you can...

  • follow and chat with other members with the same specialty as you
  • share news, tips, articles and stories
  • ask questions and offer advice
  • meet others facing the same challenges that you are
  • organize events
  • take advantage of the Used Buy and Sell
  • advertise for employees you may be seeking
  • and, as they always say...much more!

At just over 70 members right now, we're in the early stages. 

(And we have a regular 9-5 job.)

And so we need your help to shape it into the most useful resource possible for you and for other Vancouver Island small business owners.

(We all started with zero plus an idea, right?)

So, in exchange for your input and active participation, this resource will be free forever for the first 500 members.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Warren Geoffrey Opheim
Vancouver Island Small Business Network (VISBN)